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Monday, September 3rd, 2007
I hope everyone is fine and dandy.
Just some photos people wanted to see.


When September Ends
Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Hello World.
I thought i would have a quick update.
I would like to say thank you to that special someone (you know who you are) that gave me a nudge to visit Livejournal, it really made me smile. So........................THANK YOU!
Since exams i have spent my days in a emo nightmare. Work, Tayler, Sleep. It's silly how little things make you feel so depressed and tired that you can just sit in your room for days.
I'm really sorry to use Lj as a tool to just moan and wallow in self-pity. But i just need to let it out.
I'm finding it hard not to worry or get upset over a best friend, who i might not see again.
I feel like everybody i hold close to me, doesn't feel the same way anymore and they are off having fun without me.
I know that people i know and have loved for years are having parties and adventures. That makes me feel/look/seem really selfish but i just feel excluded. 
I would like to say sorry to Megan. Please don't feel like a twat when i've been a complete dillhole and it is understandable why to keep a grudge. I will send you an email as soon as Myspace lets me, chuckeroo.
I'm having trouble with inspiration and any work i do is a failure. I'm doing a photography piece on growing up so any ideas would be really helpful and much appreciated.Ihave only took one photo so far;

Well again i apologise for being emo. Not that being emo is a bad thing but in my case, i'm just whiny.
One positive thing in my life is Tayler. It's nice to be in a stable relationship that makes you smile more than frown.
If only i could feel released the way i do when i post an entry to when me and him 'talk' talk.
I want to say thank you to anyone that has read this, it's really decent of you to do so. You're a really nice person to spend the time to read a moaning entry.
I hope everyone is okay in their little worlds and enjoying the summer.

Current Mood: blah
3..Woke Me When September Ends
Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Alison Smells
Sonia is also a smelly moo.
I would like to live in Jeri's pocket

When September Ends
Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

I'm a FASCIST or FACIST, however you spell it.
I refused to do any housework until my parents went and voted.
Both voting for Liberal Democrats due to my brainwashing. :)
I always get very political on days like today.
The Labour voting centre is opposite my house, how sickening.
But i grasp every opportunity to call David Taylor a paedophile.
Anyway sorry for the lack of my Ljness.
I'm very content with life at the moment.
I would also like to add a huge
I haven't seen her as much this week so i thought i would post my love.
Ah, exams. *poos panties*

Current Mood: energetic
10..Woke Me When September Ends
Monday, April 2nd, 2007

I'm back.
Easter holidays have only just started and I already want to be at school.
I hate this time of year, so much.
A letter came through the door the other day.
Saying that my cousin commited suicide a few months ago.
Why hadn't no one told us?
We missed the funeral.
We haven't even been told why.
I don't even know how to react.
I'm kind of in shock.
Plus, Tayler who i really like.
Has went and got himself a nice girlfriend called Heather during our trial seperation.
I really like him.
I would not have put up with his moods if i didn't.
Now i'm really speechless.
I'm going to bed.

Current Mood: blah
4..Woke Me When September Ends
Friday, February 9th, 2007

I need a cup of tea, a paracetamol, a hug and good old moan on Livejournal. You don't even have to read it. I feel/need/like/want a moan.
      Snow, i hate it and wish all the dogs would eat it all up. Well that's what my dog does when it snows, i'm not quite sure about yours. Leon put a snowball down my trousers, it was cold......very cold.
      Friends, love all of mine more than they will ever know. However i'm rather mooed off with the fact my best rockstar, Cally has been seeing Megson without telling me for some time now. I wouldn't have minded if she had told me. It was only today that she finally confessed she fancies the old, smelly, panties off him and is going to meet up with him on Valentine's Day. Again, how could i be mad? She can't help who she likes. But then she said the worst, 'He fancies Shed you know,' and had this really 'haha in your face' kind of smile. I felt rather poo then after she was grinning to herself and feeling fairly pleased that she brought him up and the girl he cheated on with me. But i do what i do best, hide the fact that i want to jump on her, face flat on the floor and make her eat dirt.
    I'm sorry that i ranted on and if you did read this, thank you. It's nice to have someone to vent to. I hope you all have a great day and what ever you're doing or wherever you are always feel like the rockstar you really are. Like my cheesy ending?

17..Woke Me When September Ends
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

So here's to 2007. 

So let's make this year interesting.
I want to go out more.
Take some more pictures.
Start a scrapbook with all my friends in it.
Say i love you to the people i love more.
Stop drinking.
Start making memories.


1..Woke Me When September Ends
Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Sorry for my lack of livejournalness lately. 
Silly sickness bug.
Found some pictures.
Pretty random.
But pretty special.

11..Woke Me When September Ends
Thursday, December 7th, 2006

I haven't posted in a while.
Since nothing good or fun or exciting or different has happened.
Be nice and give my day spice.

4..Woke Me When September Ends
Saturday, November 18th, 2006

I'm jolly as a mop today....
....I wish!

1..Woke Me When September Ends
Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

I don't feel better when i'm numbed out,
I don't write songs better when i'm stuck on the ground,
I don't want you to miss me at all,
I don't want you to see how badly i have taken the fall,
I don't love the way you encouraged me to be different,
I don't even like you're stupid hair,
I don't love the way you made me feel with that loving stare.
I don't want to know if you know that i was a waste of time.

2..Woke Me When September Ends
Sunday, November 12th, 2006

These past few weeks have been the worst,
My sister is leaving to live in Brighton in a matter of days,
I'm going to miss her....alot,
Me and Megson are over again,
He is now ignoring me and it really hurts,
What have i done wrong to deserve being dumped for no reason?
And now i feel really stupid for posting this.

5..Woke Me When September Ends
Saturday, November 11th, 2006

The internet is the DEVIL! It is evil, i tell you. It will rip out your heart and leave it in a emoish state on the pooy coloured carpet.

3..Woke Me When September Ends
Friday, November 10th, 2006
I have just seen the WORLD's funniest Frank (drug) advert. It just sings, do you think everybody cares about you? Maybe you're smoking too much cannabis! Hehe, poo my panties! No-one will ever care about you if you're not drooogs. Thank God they got rid of that silly advert with the silly child wearing that silly hat that asks all the silly questions. How long are you going to feel like that for? *jumps on bed* Silly i tell you!
2..Woke Me When September Ends
Sunday, November 5th, 2006

So this is the first time i have been out of bed for the whole weekend.

18..Woke Me When September Ends
Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
Hello to the world and all my friends that are rocking it. Happy Halloween. Eventhough in these days there really isn't any point celebrating it since it's just an excuse for people to get drunk, rub against eachother and terrorize the innocent. I felt like posting some pictures hope you don't mind.

11..Woke Me When September Ends
Monday, October 30th, 2006
Well me and my main rockstar, Miss Beckie, have been planning to do a mock emo song for a while now. So..

I want to fall down a well,
To escape this hell,

This is the fun part add what you want to the song as long as it is taking a poo out of the over-rated emo scene.

Current Mood: I always am
3..Woke Me When September Ends
Sunday, October 29th, 2006

I'm back from good old London.  I &hearts; London, just dislike the scene kids that are rather judgemental. I went in every retro store to find another Queen's guard jacket which is abit smaller than my current one. No luck with that. I meet some guy in a store called One Legged Jockey. He was amazing. His name was Robert Smith, i thought he was lying about his name at first but he shown his passport. So i will say i met a famous rock star! Apart from rad indie kid meetage, nothing happened and i would be rather jolly back at school. Never thought i would say that since I hate school. I miss my boootiful people sp very muchly. But i can't wait for Jacob's Halloween party on Friday. I need ideas on who i could be. Any ideas please tell me, it has to be a movie theme. Hope you are all fine and dandy.


Love Miss Jessica Bowler xx

30..Woke Me When September Ends
Thursday, October 12th, 2006

You know something must have gone/be wrong when you can''t stand  'our' song which has been the soundtrack to your last six months.

2..Woke Me When September Ends
Sunday, October 8th, 2006

 I miss the warm, sunny days,
When nothing mattered,
There was no such thing as school,
Hours was spent lying in a field with the only guy you have ever felt anything for,
Making bows,
Getting stoned,
Dancing was stronger than words,
Funny photographs that remind you of the good times,
Throwing dodgy ice lollies at trees,
Then feeling guilty for hurting the tree,
Giving it a hug and start to climb,
Get stuck,
Start to laugh,
And then scream,
Fall into the arms of the guy you trust,
And then just smile for the rest of day,
I miss those days!

12..Woke Me When September Ends
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